Gift Bag: Multi-Color/White LED Light Base (AC/USB/Battery) Combo Bag

Gift Bag: Multi-Color/White LED Light Base (AC/USB/Battery) Combo Bag

3D Crystal Creations
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Wrap your 3D Crystal Creation in one of our nice drawstring gift bags with our Power 120v USB LED Light Base that can be switched to move through multiple colors fast or slow and Stop on One Color. 

Soft-Touch Button allows you to Stop on One or 4 Colors: White, Blue, Green, Red.

It can also be Battery Operated with (3xAAA Batteries Not Included) or just plug it into an outlet, comes with 120v USB Plug.

  • Silver Color Square Display Base
  • LED Flashes Multiple Colors Slow or Fast
  • Stop on One of 4 Colors: White, Red, Blue, Green
  • USB 120v Plug-In with Adapter or can be battery operated.
  • Optional 3 "AAA" batteries, not included. (Has 2-Power capabilities)
  • Soft-Touch On/Off Button
  • This LED Light Base "DOES NOT" Rotate.


  • Gift Bag For:

    • Small Towers
    • Small Statuettes
    • Cube Crystals
    • Custom Character Crystals


2.5"L x 2.5"W x 1.4"H