About Us

3D Crystal Creations is a small family-owned and operated business located in Denton County, Texas. We founded this business back in 2017 and have been crafting 3D Crystal Creations ever since.

This all began when the owner of 3D Crystal Creations took a business trip to Germany over two decades ago. While visiting the mall on his off time, he stumbled across a small kiosk with a photo booth that took 3D photos of yourself and a laser that engraved the crystal while you finished shopping. This amazing 3D laser technology was so captivating that he vowed to have a business just like this one and here we are!

Now that technology is so advanced, we can take almost any 2D you have and turn it into that same exact crystal. We even have more options to design your entire background in 3D. From cell phone photos to physical images from years ago, we can turn your memories into memories that will last forever!

Made in the USA

Made in the USA3D Crystal Creations proudly operates in the Lone Star State of Texas. Unlike many of our competitors we are an American-owned business and take pride in every one of our designs. The best part about a family owned and operated business is the individuality and attention to detail you'll receive when you decide to support a smaller business. We want to thank each and every customer that chooses 3D Crystal Creations!