How it Works

The process to create incredibly personal and inspiring 3D Crystal Creations and gifts starts with your 2D photo.  Leveraging a sophisticated computer software program, we model your photo into a three dimensional design. The 3D image is then etched with our state-of-the-art sub-surface laser engraver that etches your favorite photo into a flawless piece of optically clear solid crystal that can last forever. You may also choose the option to enhance your new 3D Crystal Creation with a super bright LED Light Base.

What we need from you 

We simply need a good quality photo. We can then laser your photo into our crystals utilizing the highest quality standards. Make sure when you upload your photo that it is well illuminated, in a high resolution and is not blurred. Your photo may show one, two or up to three people.

How do you make the 3D laser images?

We use special laser to focus beams of light at precise points below the surface of the crystal. The depth of each point is determined by the uploaded point-cloud model. Then each bright point in the image is plotted onto the crystal. Next, the laser focuses a high-powered beam on each three-dimensional coordinate. Once the beam reaches the focal point, the powerful laser pulse makes a tiny void or inclusion inside the crystal. The laser then moves to the next coordinate and etches another point. After all points are etched, the photo design appears deep within the crystal. Because the laser beams are non-invasive, no marks or blemishes are left on the surface of the crystal.

As you view the final product from any angle, the intricate design appears much like three dimensional sculpture, floating inside the crystal.