3D Crystal Cube
3D Crystal Cube
3D Crystal Cube
3D Crystal Cube
3D Crystal Cube
3D Crystal Cube
3D Crystal Cube
3D Crystal Cube

3D Crystal Cube

3D Crystal Creations
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3D Crystal Cube 

Our Crystal Cube incorporates cutting-edge 3D technology to deliver a crystal clear and precise design. Elevate ordinary images to extraordinary 3D works of art with our top-quality crystals. The 3D Crystal Cube is a breathtaking addition, especially when paired with our Bright LED Light Bases.

To best take advantage of the space in your 3D Crystal Cube, we recommend a close-up portrait of the figures you wish to appear.

*Cool Feature... The front of the Crystal picture is a static picture in stunning 3d, while the back of the crystal has an effect where the eyes of the person in the picture will always follow you. Your choice how to display your new 3d Crystal Creation.

One Size: Fits 1-2 People/Pets


2.36" x 2.36" x 2.36" / Weight: 1lb. 2.6oz.

3D Crystal Creations Order Process:

1st: Upload Your Photo: Be sure your photo you are uploading is a clear photo, the best crystals come from the best photos. Our designers will brighten dark photos and clean up every photo as a standard services we offer to get your 3d Crystal Image to look as detailed as possible. Our designers will remove all the background of your photo and prepare a digital 3d rendering of your image as they photoshop each image to look its best before laser engraving. We do ask for at least 1 business day from the time we receive your photo to edit, design, engrave, package, and ship your order. 

Note: If you have a project that needs addition photoshop work, such as stitching 2 photo images together, let us know and we can go that extra mile to make your dream 3d Crystal Creation a reality. (Custom Photoshop Design Charge: 25.00)

2nd: Simply select how many people/pets are in the image you are uploading and choose the appropriate number in the dropdown menu. We have design fees of $10.00 per figure.

3rd: Add Optional LED Light Base:

"Why Would I Want an LED Light Base?" An LED Light Base lets you see your 3D image in enhanced detail, bringing your precious memories to life with some that have unique features such as Stop and Hold on 1-Color, Slow/Fast Multi-Color and Changing light features.

Note: We have several LED Light-Base options that are available to enhance your 3d Crystal Creation. Please read the specified selections as your choice of LED Light Base and Size will vary depending on the Orientation and Size of your crystal. 

LED Light Base and Gift Bag Options:

WS-BATT Silver Base w/White 1-Color LED-Battery Operated 3xAAA-Not Included


MCW-BATT Silver Base w/Multi-Color Changing LED-Battery Operated Only 3xAAA-Not Included. This light base cannot Stop on One Color. It flashes through a multitude of colors and has an On/Off Switch. It requires 3xAAA Batteries (Not Included)


MCW-BATT/USB =Silver Base Multi-Color & White LED (Battery or AC/USB 120v Power (Batteries Not Included) This USB LED Light Base can Stop and Hold on One Individual Color including Blue, Red, Green, White. It can Slow or Fast Flash through multiple colors your choice w-Soft Touch Button push. It has a power 120v USB Power Plug or you can use it with just 3xAAA Batteries (Not Included) Dimensions: 2.5"L x 2.5"W x 1.4"H  


BGWS-USB Small Black Gloss Base w/1-Color White LED-AC/USB 120v Power Only.

This Small Black Gloss LED Light Base features a sleek, high-gloss finish and can emit a 1-color white LED light. It comes with a AC/USB 120v power adapter for convenient use. Enhance your new 3d Crystal Creation with this modern and versatile light base.

Dimensions: 3.35" x 1" x 3.35" / Weight: 4.5oz. 


Gift Bag Options: We also have several "Gift Bag Options" that will include the same LED Light Bases Listed above that we will package together with your 3d Crystal in a beautiful Drawstring Gift Bag ready to gift to your friend or loved one. (Colors May Vary-Current Color is Dark Blue Silk Drawstring Bag and Very Beautiful!)



Once we receive your order, we immediately start processing your image for 3D design work and strive to get your crystal order out the door in a normal 12-24hr processing time. We ship your order out Free of Charge via USPS Mail. 

 If you have any questions, please Contact Us or Call: 214-897-8858 

 3D Crystal Creations, LLC - Lake Dallas, Texas