Multi-Color & White LED Light Base (USB & Battery Operated)

Multi-Color & White LED Light Base (USB & Battery Operated)

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Upgrade to our Power Plug-In 120v LED Light Base: Multi-Color Changing & White LED w/Color Stop USB/Battery (Incls: USB 120v Plug)

This Power 120v USB LED Light Base can be switched to move through multiple colors fast or slow. Soft-Touch Button allows you to Stop on One or 4 Colors: White, Blue, Green, Red. It can also be Battery Operated with (3xAAA Batteries Not Included) or just plug it into an outlet, comes with 120v USB Plug.

  • Silver Color Square Display Base
  • LED Flashes Multiple Colors Slow or Fast
  • Stop on One of 4 Colors: White, Red, Blue, Green
  • USB 120v Plug-In with Adapter or can be battery operated.
  • Optional 3 "AAA" batteries, not included. (Has 2-Power capabilities)
  • Soft-Touch On/Off Button
  • This LED Light Base "DOES NOT" Rotate.
  • Fits Cube, Tower, Statuette, Prestige, Diamond, Heart Crystals
  • (Not for use with Round, Bevel or Rectangle Plaque Crystals)


2.5"L x 2.5"W x 1.4"H