3D Crystal Rectangle Plaque
3D Crystal Rectangle Plaque
3D Crystal Rectangle Plaque
3D Crystal Rectangle Plaque
3D Crystal Rectangle Plaque
3D Crystal Rectangle Plaque
3D Crystal Rectangle Plaque
3D Crystal Rectangle Plaque

3D Crystal Rectangle Plaque

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3D Crystal Rectangle Plaque

Introducing our 3D Crystal Rectangle Plaque, ideal for capturing group photos at events or featuring a prominent portrait. This versatile crystal accommodates 2D and 3D laser image engravings with its impressive thickness and design.

With a 3D Lasered Image, the front of the Crystal Image eyes will always look straight, but when the Crystal is turned around backwards, the eyes of the image will always follow you. Great Effect, your choice how to display your crystal. (2d Lasered Photo, will not have this effect.)

Our 3d Crystal Creations are made from the Highest Quality Crystal. Crafted with the highest quality K9 crystal glass and designed with the latest in subsurface laser engraving technology and software!

Available Sizes:

One Size Fits 1-10 People depending on orientation. Please specify if you would like a 3D Lasered Image where our design team works hard to make each person in your image into a 3D figure or just choose our 2D Laser Image option where we do not charge per person as it deletes the need for designing each person. Your choice, either way your new Rectangle Plaque Crystal will impress anyone especially when its lit up by one of our Bright LED Light Bases. Don't forget to choose your preference of either Portrait or Landscape positioning of your image in the drop down menu above.

Dimensions: (Landscape - 8" x 6" x 1.2") / (Portrait - 6" x 8" x 1.2") / Weight: 4lbs. 12.6oz. 


LED Light Base Options for Portrait/Landscape Orientations:

MCW-BATT/USB = SILVER BASE Multi-Color & White LED (Battery/AC/USB 120v Power


BGWM-USB = MEDIUM SIZE-Black Gloss-White LED Light Base-AC/USB 120v Power

*These LED Light Bases can be used for Portrait Orientation


BGWL-USB = LARGE-Black Gloss-White LED Light Base-AC/USB 120v Power

*This LED Light Base can be used for Portrait Orientation


3D Crystal Creations Order Process:

First Choose, 2D or 3D type lasered image you want in your new Round Crystal. (There is a significant price difference for a 2D vs. 3D choice due to our team not having to do a conversion from 2D to 3D image.)

Upload Your Photo: Be sure your photo you are uploading is a clear photo, the best crystals come from the best photos. Our designers will brighten dark photos and clean up every photo as a standard service we offer to get your 3d Crystal Image to look as detailed as possible. Our designers will remove all the background of your photo and prepare a digital 3d rendering of your image as they photoshop each image to look its best before laser engraving. We do ask for at least 1 business day from the time we receive your photo to edit, design, engrave, package, and ship your order. 

Select the # of People/Pets that are in the image you are uploading and by choosing the appropriate number in the dropdown menu. We have design fees of $10.00 per person/pet when choosing the 3D Laser Image Option. If choosing our 2D Laser Image Option, just select the bottom option in the Dropdown Menu where we will not add any Extra Design Charges as explained above.

We also offer precise and detailed engravings for "OBJECT" type images, such as vehicles, boats, planes, homes, and more. For each Object or Logo, please add quantity on the dropdown menu for 3D Object/Logo Design Fee. (Additional charges are necessary to cover the added design time and processes for object type image.)

"Why would I want an LED light base?" An LED Light Base lets you see your 3D image in enhanced detail, bringing your precious memories to life with some that have unique features such as Stop and Hold on 1-Color, Slow/Fast Multi-Color and Changing light features. We have a LED Light-Base options that are available to enhance your 3d Crystal Creation both in LED Bright White with a Black Gloss Base and also a Silver Base with Changing LED Colors/White AC/USB on both bases.

*We normally remove the entire background of your uploaded image so the figures in the foreground take precedence. Although, some customers will opt to keep the background of the image as a 2D Background to add even more realism to your 3d Crystal. *The price of keeping the background in 2D is $25. If you would like this optional design aspect to be added to your purchase, just Check the Box: "2D Background" to your order. (Please note, this fee is not required when doing a 2D Laser Image, it is only for 3D Lasered Images that also want a 2D Background in the final crystal look.)



Once we receive your order we immediately start processing your image for 3d design work and strive to get your crystal order out the door in a normal 12-24hr processing time. We ship your order out Free of Charge via USPS Priority mail.

 If you have any questions, please Contact Us or Call: 214-897-8858 

 3D Crystal Creations, LLC - Lake Dallas, Texas